Saturday, November 1, 2008


minggu lepas skola aku ade buat pertandingan tarik tali..
at first i dont want to join it..
but afterr "dipakse" oleh qistina, i join it.
yela..lagipun malu la kalau leader umah kuning x masok kn..
so..first match..i fought with the blue team..
it is so hard because they had a powerful team mates..
like faizal,azrayn n zaid..

so..we lose in the first game..
then green team fought with red team..
green team won as the leader (taufiq) was angry when he fell on the ground on the 1st match..
so they won the 2nd n the 3rd match dowh..

then blue team fought with the green team after the recess..
n blue team won as i said they hav the powerful team mates..haha.
then my team fought with the red team n i got mad..
so,i pull as hard as i can and i use the trick that the other team said the red team use it..
which is pull,let it go n pull again..(its a tip dowh)
haha..i am so happy when we won the match..

so we got the 3rd place..its ok least i got it..
so i got the medal on the next day..(so happy!!)
haha..thats all n i went home with a smile on my face...

haha..thats was fun as it is the last year i will be in the primary school..yeah!! :D


Anonymous said...

betol ke tips rumah merah cmtu?
pastutla x menang:O..
dah dua2 gune trick same..

ape nak jadi la ngan umah aku tu:((

dread.but.psychowashere said...

aku dapat tengok yg terakhir nyer jer.. :'( It's sad.... Tapi dengar dengar cam best ar! >_> terlalu distract nak ingat ader competition tarik tali.....

Qiss said...

bahahr ,
aku paksa kau ?
mana mungkin :p

e-khmal said...

ye..qis pakse aku woo..ahah